Care for the Environment

Quaterra’s subsidiary SPS’s environmental program is based on the objective of being compliant with laws and regulations and minimizing environmental impacts using risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science. SPS reviews and takes account of the environmental effects of each activity, whether exploration, mining or processing; and plans and conducts the design, development, operation and closure of each facility in a manner that optimizes the economic use of resources while reducing adverse environmental effects.

Quaterra Lake
Field supervisor Ryan Gilmore inspects a solar-powered water level monitor at the Anaconda Pit.
Quaterra People
Community meeting at the Anaconda Mine Site.

Care for People

Quaterra’s subsidiary SPS aims to maximize the contributions that mineral exploration and, if successful, mining can offer local communities by providing economic opportunities, assisting in capacity building and facilitating long-term development programs. Engaging openly and honestly with internal and external stakeholders enhances the company’s ability to obtain permits required to operate, ensures it has a dedicated workforce and affords new business opportunities. SPS places the highest value on safety and the respect and promotion of human rights.